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What is Seraphic Wisdom? It is the universal knowledge that transcends the day to day chatter which distracts us from our inherent understanding of a higher source of guidance and wisdom. This wisdom is often felt as Inner Intelligence or Consciousness.
  - Cynthia Smith 12-12-12



I am Cynthia Smith, Teacher Mentor & Facilitator of Seraphic Wisdom courses and CIO of Seraphic Spheres community of teachers and practitioners. The fact that you have found yourself here exploring this information should give you pause to consider what your Higher Self is guiding you to learn and understand. I invite you to take a step into a more fulfilling life by creating your own happiness and well being.


For many years I have had the honor and privilege to work with others to enhance their spiritual development. It has been my joy to be introduced to the Seraphic Consciousness and specifically the Seraph who is the Guardian of North America, with emphasis on The United States.  I welcome you to explore this website to learn how you can enhance your life, expand your experiences and obtain the tools necessary to assist with the fulfillment of your Soul’s purpose, your blueprint, while here on this beautiful Earth.


While exploring this website, I invite you to go to my Webinar Library by clicking on the link below. There you will find several informative free webinars that not only discuss important topics but also where listeners can get a "taste" or feel of several different Universal Seraphim energies received in the Seraphic Wisdom courses.  If you do not wish to receive the energy at this time (similar to a distant healing session) just move the time bar forward to continue hearing the discussion topics. If you plan to enjoy the Love and Healing energies, it is recommended that, for optimal benefit, you do so in a quiet space in your home and only when you can be focused and not engaged in other activities.


Please take a moment to read about the Seraphic Wisdom courses and Free Meditations offered through the Seraphic Spheres community located on the Class Description page link below.  If you are interested and moved to become a teacher of any Seraphic Wisdom course, please email Cynthia.


If you resonate with what you read, hear or feel on this website, then please go to the Class Schedule link below to see how soon you too can learn how to shift with ease to take control of your life by harmonizing mind, body and spirit for optimal well-being. 


Always Smile from your Heart and Live your Dreams,  Cynthia


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 Teacher Certification Class - The Seraph's Love and Faith Class  Taught via Teleconference Call Sunday, January 17   10:00 am - 3:30 ET

Is this the year you wish to become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom?  In the course, The Seraph's Love and Faith, learn about the Seraphic Energies used for our country and humanity. Receive 22 attunements to activate on your own or for clients.  See the class schedule page for upcoming class schedule in Spring of 2021.

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Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Facilitators New Class held on Saturday, March 6th   10:00 - 12:00.  Held by teleconference. See Class schedule page for details.                 

 The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Guided Group Meditation

Sunday, February14th 10:00-11 am ET

No Fee to participate but registration is required by February 10th, held via teleconference call. Everyone is welcome ~ a great way to experience the Seraphic Energy.  Open to all who wish to link with the Seraphim Angels and our Mother Earth, Gaia.This guided meditation will benefit us for a planetary and personal level of higher vibrations as we enter the matrix of light.

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