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  " The Seraphim open man's eyes to work with the "Government of the Higher Evolution" . They structure the "Government of Light" which is necessary in the merger of different planetary worlds under a unified wisdom... "
-Keys of Enoch, Key 303 : 61






The fact that you have found yourself here exploring this information should give you pause to consider what your Higher Self is guiding you to learn and understand.


I am Cynthia Smith, Teacher & Facilitator of Seraphic Energies. As a Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom, I have the honor and privilege to work with others to enhance their spiritual development. It has also been my joy to be introduced to a Seraph who is the Guardian of North America, with emphasis on The United States.  I welcome you to explore this website to learn how you can enhance your life, expand your experiences and obtain the tools necessary to assist with the fulfillment of your Soul’s purpose, your blueprint, while here on this beautiful Earth.


While exploring this website, I invite you to go to my Webinar Library by clicking on the link below. There you will find several informative free webinars that not only discuss important topics but also where listeners can get a "taste" or feel of several different Universal Seraphim energies received in the Seraphic Wisdom courses. Some of the webinars also contain a sample of the planetary energies which one can receive as a planetary wash to attain attributes of specific planetary energies. If you do not wish to receive the energy at this time (similar to a distant healing session) just move the time bar forward to continue hearing the discussion topics. If you plan to enjoy the Love and Healing energies, it is recommended that, for optimal benefit, you do so in a quiet space in your home and only when you can be focused and not engaged in other activities.


If you resonate with what you read, hear or feel on this website, then please go to the Class Schedule link below to see how soon you too can join this worldwide community and become a Practitioner or Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom. 




Until we meet, I embrace you with the Light of the Seraphim Energies, Cynthia


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Monday, 5- 5 at 5pm join me for a free teleconference meditation: Fukushima Love and Beauty. No fee just registration required to receive the teleconference call in information. Register by using link below. All are welcome who would like to have an experience of connecting with one of the Seraphim Angels, Seraph Hakura

 A new Seraphic Wisdom course offered: Seraph ADALIAN - The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening. Class options scheduled: May 31 & June 1 Are you a Guardian of the New Earth who has been waiting for these magical and powerful energies? Read more details on the Class schedule page.                   

Sunday, July 16th ~ Next Training and Certification Teleconference class to become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom. Pre-requisites need to be completed before June 30th.

Saturday, June 14th ~ New Teacher Orientation telconference call. 10 - 11:30 ET. See details on class schedule page.

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Seraph ADALIAN's Love and Faith ~ June 21 and 22.  Join me on the Summer Solstice weekend and make a change in your life. Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom ~ use the energies for yourself and others.  Learn about the Seraphim Angel, ADALIAN, who is the Guardian of North America with specific emphasis on the healing of the United States. To read more about the attunements received for the Seraphic Energy Waves in this teleconference class see the class schedule page. No pre-requisite; everyone is welcome. See class schedule page for details.

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 Teacher Training & Certification       next class July 13th.   Pre-teacher Orientation teleconference call on Saturday, June 14th.  Become a  Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom for the Seraph ADALIAN's Love and Faith energies. Join this teaching community to co-create a vision of assisting others to anchor this healing and loving energy in America. See class schedule page for requirements and process to apply.

Seraphim Gaia Link Guided Meditation  Next scheduled date to be announced. This teleconference gathering is open to all Lightworkers & Seraphim Practitioners. No fee. See Class schedule page or Gaia Page.

 All classes taught via teleconference-Learn how to use the energies from the comfort of your home or Sacred Space.

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June 7 & 8 Las Vegas Workshop Remembering the Invisible Pyramids of the Americas. Presented by Manuela Puhlmann. Special added day for Teachers on Friday, June 6th.         Fee: $333 Limited space available. Read more on the Class Schedule page.

Plant Spirit Communication Workshop August 1-3 in North Carolina With Pam Montgomery - Early Bird Discount - See Connecting to Gaia Page-limited space available. Reserve your space with minimal deposit today.